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Reviews & Recipes

"Great Product!!...very addictive!!...would be great for a holiday gift!!"

John...Manor, TX

"Unreal jams, this is the best I've ever had.  I like a little bit of heat on my toast..."

Phil...Austin, TX

Mix equal parts of your favorite BBQ sauce and your favorite Hot Jam...

Use as a finishing sauce to glaze grilled meats


Use as a glaze...

Warm up jam in a saucepan or mircowave to loosen up to make it easier to spread.

...on top of a plain cheesecake!


"A friend sent me two jars.  Reaper and Habanero.  I ate it with everything I could have found in the kitchen (better on burgers).

Collin...Tobago West Indies

"Oh my goodness the jellies are so good.  We put the peach on a brisket sandwich and it was so dang good."

Shelly...Hutto, TX

"Amazing!  I'm in love with these jams!  ...Don't be afraid of the Scorpion, the way he makes them the flavor compliments the heat. Delicious!"

Joan...Hutto, TX

"Cranberry Habanero Jam is the bomb...enjoyed with salmon patty.  Yummmy

Awilda...Jonestown, TX

Need a quick appetizer for company?  Spread your favorite Hot Jam over some Brie, Goat Cheese, or Cream Cheese, and serve with crackers


Makes a great

"anytime" gift for that person that likes a bit of spicy with their sweet!


"Amazing jams...Best jams I've had in years.  The heat is not necessarily hot but flavorful.  I couldn't 

have enough of it...

Back40Gardening is

the way to go."

Hannah...Hutto, TX

"The product itself is fantastic!  Shipping fast, well packaged and very reasonable."

Tammy...Chicago, IL.

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